Dish Network Specials- Skipping Ads for Streaming Rights

This is not just your usual dish network specials- this is not just about package deals but the latest update for those who thinks ads are just too much on television!

Dish and Disney announced  the signing of a new contract. After their contract deal expired last year, Dish chairman Charlie Ergen said that they will be making a new contract to transform the entertainment business.  The auto-skipping feature, AutoHop will be enabled giving the subscribers control on what they will watch.

This feature has a lot of controversy, with a threat of blackout from other networks such as ABC, ESPN and other Disney-affiliated networks. The ad-heavy supported television model can be possibly undermined by the Dish Network DVR, Hopper. But on the good side, Dish Network will be able to offer its services at a cheaper price to households that won’t require ESPN or other Disney channels.

For ABC shows,  AutoHop will only be enabled after a three-day window of rating measurement. The subscribers can now rate the ads and set when to skip it.

Considered as a dish network specials offering especially for mothers who can now rate the ads suitable for children! But this does nto sit well for several TV networks. This ad-skipping might cost  Dish subscribers and Disney ad revenue but both companies believed int he ‘core of  their mature business.’ 

Ergen has been very positive on the partnership with Dish Network saying it is “like a marriage. You don’t marry everyone you date.” And for him, the relationship of Disney and Dish is not just making money but doing business with people in a transformative new-long term carriage deal.




Dish Network Reviews

When searching the internet, you will find comparisons and dish network reviews. And like any other satellite network providers, there will be bad and good reviews.  To be fair, we will repost one of the fair reviews made by on the good and bad side of Dish network.


Big discount for bundle package

There are more options when you get the bundle (Internet with Dish Network TV). You can save up to $10 per month and you choose from any Internet packages. A phone service is also added. Installation fee is waived.

Fast upload rate

Fast and more reliable. The DISH Network offers the fastest upload speed at 10 Mbps. This is much appreciated by people who love to upload pictures and videos on the internet.

24/7  customer support

DISH Network has a variety of  support for all of your queries and complaints. Services are available 24/7. It is very visible in all social media platforms for the customers to contact alongside email support.


Slow download speed.

Just 5 Mbps download speed and the expensive plan only offers 10mbps as compared to other providers that provide 12 to 15 Mbps.  And if you frequently download documents and other stuff from the internet, then it may get frustrating.

Limited data 

There is only a 15 GB of data that a user can use at any time. And if you use it up before the month ends, the subscriber have to pay extra or buy more data space. This is not a problem for those who seldom use the internet but for the tech-savvy, then you really have to think about it.

Can’t order online:

You can’u place your order online but instead, you will call a  customer support representative to assist you in ordering. For those who like online shopping or using their credit card, this may be a little annoying. But then, just think of it that you are connecting to another individual to ensure your DISH Network order.


Just think that Dish Network serves nationwide and available in 50 states of America. The Dish Network Reviews are there but nothing still to compare with your own experience. Dish Network offers  welcome package and there is no installation fee. So try and see it for yourself.

For more information about the Dish network bundles and packages, call their toll free number at 1-855-745-1331. 



Dish Network Bundles ? More Options to Feed your Entertainment Needs

More than just being a leader in providing great satellite TV viewing experience to the masses, Dish Network also serves as a forerunner in giving various entertainment and communication options to its consumers in an all-in-one package. They provide high speed Internet and phone services which can be bundled with any of their TV programming services ? three basic elements that our necessary for our technology-driven lives. The different Dish Network bundles also come in discounts. Hence, availing a bundle now will certainly help you spend lesser on that monthly bill.

So, what will get from Dish Network bundles? Aside from the fact that it is a way cost-effective choice for your entertainment needs, there?s no need to worry about the extent of its availability. Wherever you maybe in the United States, you can be ascertained that there is a Dish Network bundle that will suit you. There are three bundle plans to choose from and you are in liberty to choose the one that will fit your budget the most. And when you encounter any issues with your subscription, Dish Network has a dedicated customer support team that will attend to your needs 24/7.

Here is the selection of Dish plans bundled with Dish TV and their corresponding descriptions:

  • For Low Internet Usage

With a monthly price of $39.99, this plan has 5GB of Anytime and 5GB Bonus Data. Download speeds are up to 5 mbps and upload speeds are 1mbps. This bundle is ideal for browsing social networking, surfing other websites and streaming online radio stations. It also is ideal for emailing, uploading and downloading small files such as images and documents.

  • For Average Internet Usage

Priced at $49.99, this bundle will suit individuals who like to download larger files such as mp3. You can also stream up to 2 Video on Demand movies monthly. In addition, if you have more than one device, you can connect have them connected as well. Download speeds are up to 10 mbps and uploads are at 1 mbps.

  • For High Internet Usage

This high speed bundle is worth $69.99 per month and is ideal for heavy Internet usage. Download speeds are up to 10 mbps and uploads are at 2 mbps. It is ideal for individuals who usually upload and download large files.

For more information about the bundles and packages being offered by Dish, call Dish Network?s toll free number at 1-855-745-1331.

Dish Network Internet Service ? Get Connected with Dish Internet

Aside from being one of the leading satellite television providers in the United States, Dish Network also offers high speed Internet services that can go with your Dish TV package. The Dish Network Internet Service sets are sold under the brand name dishNET. With dishNET, you can enjoy fast Internet speeds no matter where your location is. What?s great is that, they also offer bundles if you already have a qualified Dish programming package. In that way, you can have big savings while enjoying much of Dish Network?s variety of services.

The Dish Internet Network Service comes in three forms; hence you can select which out of the available Internet types will best suit your situation. If you need high speed Internet while living or working in a remote area, then satellite Internet will work best for you. There will be no need for you to make use of cable or phone lines to use this kind of Internet. Dish Network?s satellite Internet is a fast and reliable service which will help you get connected with millions around the globe.

Another type of Internet is DSL. This type of Internet functions through an existing telephone network and is the choice to make if you?re looking for security and speed in your Net connection. Even though DSL works through a telephone network, your using your phone line won?t be disrupted through this service. The speeds for DSL, which will depend on the provider, can range from 3 Mbps to 7 Mbps. Furthermore, the last Internet option you can opt for is cable Internet. If you do not have an existing phone line or have no plans of installing one, then cable Internet could just be the right service for you. Transmission of data is done through a cable modem and television lines in cable Internet. This type of Internet is known to be fast and reliable.

If you are already subscribed to Dish programming services, you can have dishNET bundled with your current service. You will be given a monthly discount of $10 for the bundle. Moreover, dishNET is made possible through the company?s partnerships with companies such as HughesNet and Viasat. Together with these companies, dishNET aims to provide fast and reliable Internet services to the masses, especially those who live in remote and rural areas. It has been reported that millions of Americans from rural areas still do not have a stable means of connecting to the Internet. Hence, dishNET is a great opportunity for individuals and families who are based in rural areas to have a consistent and reliable means of connecting to the Internet.

Dish Packages ? Make your TV Viewing Experience Even More Exciting

Isn’t satellite television such an awesome addition to your entertainment at home? Satellite TV offers a wide selection of programs that will surely increase your viewing pleasures. Aside from having more available programs, TV channels are also brought to you in much better quality. The signal reception is also something notable; hence you wouldn’t have to worry too much about getting unnecessary static and interference. You also can be assured that you are in good hands since most providers also provide exceptional customer support to their consumers who encounter issues with their services. After all of that being said, you might be thinking that satellite TV is costly. If that is the case, then you better think again. Prices are competitive and knowing all the benefits that you can get from satellite TV, you?ll be happy with what you get from the amount that you pay. And if you’ve got one of the leading and most trusted providers of satellite TV such as Dish Network, you?ll certainly find nothing else to ask for. Dish Network has earned a reputation for bringing quality services to its consumers. If you haven?t chosen among the Dish packages available yet, then let this article serve as a guide to help you come up with a decision.

Packages vary depending on the channels that are available for each for each bundle and the rates also vary accordingly. Occasionally, Dish Network also offers promos for their various, so consider yourself lucky if you’ve come across such an opportunity. Here are Dish Network?s list of packages and corresponding information about them:

  • America?s Top 120 Package (Basic)

Regular Price: $49.99 monthly

Description: This basic package includes local channels and some of the most popular channels such as ESPN, FOX News, CNN, MTV, History and Discovery Channel among others. A sports version of this package is also available which will entail to add $5 to the regular monthly price.

  • America?s Top 200 Package (Extended)

Regular Price: $64.99 monthly

Description: The Top 200 package includes all channels from the basic (Top 120) package with additional popular channels. Among all packages offered, the Top 200 package appears to be a favorite among consumers.

  • America?s Top 250 Package (Premium)

Regular Price: $74.99 monthly

Description: Dish Network?s premium package includes all channels found in the extended (Top 200) package plus even more fun and exciting channels. Local channels and other non-premium channels are also a part of the deal. It basically offers the best choices for viewers in comparison to other America?s Top packages.

  • America?s Everything Pack (Everything)

Regular Price: $119.99 monthly

Description: The Everything package includes all channels from the premium (Top 250) package and additional premium content from selected channels. This package is the most expensive out of all the offered packages and it includes the largest selection of channels.

For you to know the specific channels out of the extensive list found in Dish packages, visit this link from

Universal Remote ? Using your Dish Network Universal Remote Control

In the modern world that we live in, it is apparent how using electronic appliances and devices form part of our everyday lives. Typically, in our living room alone, there would be a number of these devices present. And along with the presence of these modern equipment usually comes a remote control to make operating it a lot easier. However, isn’t it just too cumbersome when having more appliances also means more remote controls to keep? It can be irksome to most of us and we can easily lose patience if the remote control is no where to be found! It certainly is a horrifying scenario that no one would want to be in. In addition, more remote controls will add more clutter to your home and keeping it can be difficult to manage, especially in a household with many members. Hence, it is a great idea to know that there are universal remote controls available to help us with this problem. Aside from being a lot practical such as in terms of battery usage, it is also much more convenient because it works for more than one electronic appliance. Moreover, it is great to know that Dish Network, being one of America?s leading satellite network providers, offers their own version of this handy device.

There are Dish Network receivers that also come with a universal remote which you can program to also serve as a remote control for your other electronic devices such as DVD players and television sets. You will need the corresponding remote codes depending on the device in question. A manual with a list of remote codes should also come with your Dish network purchase. If that isn’t the case, then you would have to run through the codes available and test if they will work with the other electronic device. If you happen to have lost the manual, then check on Dish Network?s website for you to have a copy.

To program a certain device for the universal remote control, you can enter the code that can be seen on the manual (which will indicate the code for every manufacturer/brand). How should this be done? First, you need to secure the code that is found on the manual. Once it?s noted, turn on the device to be programmed.  And then press and hold the button that corresponds with the device on the remote control. For instance, if you are programming a DVD player, then the mode button should be the one labelled ?VCR?. Hold the button for about three seconds and then wait for the other buttons to lighten up. When they do, let go of the mode button that you are pressing and then enter the code you got from the manual followed by the pound (#) button. If you have done it right, the mode button should blink thrice. Check whether or not you’ve successfully activated the remote control for the device. You can check by using any button on the remote control such as the power button. Try other buttons for you to know if all the buttons will function well with the device.

Dish Network Channel Lineup ? A Guide on Available Educational Channels

More often than not, we?ll find ourselves thirsting for knowledge ? in a time where practicality seems to pre-occupy most of everyone?s mind. There is something very rewarding when you learn about new discoveries which make you even more curious about the world we are in. Given that, it seems that there simply isn’t any other better way of acquiring new knowledge through film, televisions shows and documentaries. Aside from providing visual elements, these media are presented in a very informative and interesting manner that would certainly catch the attention of any viewer. Even though some of these films might be boring or dull for others (depending on one?s interest), there will always be that film or documentary that will spark our interest. Most especially if there if you have a satellite TV network that will allow you to choose from a wide array of channels with educational channels. This Dish Network channel lineup will let you learn about the different educational programs available to you from Dish Network.

So, what are the educational programs that you can typically find in a Dish Network package? Refer to this Dish Network channel lineup for some of their educational TV stations:

  • Animal Planet
  • Biography
  • Discovery Channel
  • Do it Yourself Network
  • History
  • NASA
  • National Geographic
  • National Geographic Wild
  • Science Channel

The above listed channels are only a few of Dish Network?s wide selection of channels. You can be assured that your TV-watching experience will never be the same once you stick to Dish Network as your provider. They have different packages to choose from based on your budget. Their America?s Top packages are a popular choice and TV junkies can enjoy more channels through premium packages. They also have an America?s Everything package that have 250 channels available. What?s great about them is that they even offer their packages on a sale price. Hence, enjoying satellite has become something that is much more affordable and accessible to more people.

With tons of TV channels available in HD, you sure are to enjoy your Dish Network subscription. You can choose a package that you think will best suit you and your family?s viewing preferences. Rest assured, you won?t regret every penny that you are to spend for investing on Dish Network. If you encounter any issues, you can contact their customer support department and expect immediate assistance. You can visit for more information about their services.

Dish Network Bill Pay ? Where and How to Do Payment

There are different schemes for you to be able to complete your Dish Network bill pay. Depending on your preference, there is a certain mode of payment that will surely suit you. No matter what sort of busy schedule you have, you will be surprised with the flexibility of the payment methods that have been made available to you. So, what are these payment schemes exactly?

Online Payment

Sign up at and then log in to your account once it?s created. You would need to provide your bank account, credit card or debit card information so the system may know where to bill your account. They also have an AutoPay feature available which is a great way for you to be assured that you will never be late for any transaction which can cause bigger problems later on. Through AutoPay, the system will deduct your bill from the bank or card automatically every month.

Through the Phone

For you to pay your bill by phone, contact 800-333-DISH (800-333-3474). There are two ways for you to have the payment done through a phone call. The first one is through an automated system and the other one is through an agent. If you choose to pay through an agent, there is an Agent Assistance Fee of $5.00.

In Cash

Find a retail location near your area through using the Pay-in-Cash Locator. There are thousands of retail locations nationwide, hence there?s no reason to worry about looking for one around your locality. Through this mode of payment, you simply are just going to walk in and give your payment. It?s that easy! Take note that there may be processing fees for selected retail locations.

Via the Mail

If you find the aforementioned payment schemes inconvenient, you can opt to send your payment through the mail. However, please keep in mind that for this payment method, it will take up to 10 business days for your payment to be reflected in your account. You can check for Dish Network?s complete contact information including their mailing address.

You have the liberty to choose the most practical and convenient payment scheme from the list provided above. Remember to pay your bills on time to avoid unwanted situations such as a loss in connection or an untimely notice of disconnection. Now that you’ve given the different means to do a Dish Network bill pay, select which one will most suit the circumstances that you are in in a certain point of time.

Dish Network Channel List for Young Kids

Tv is really a combination of violence, medication, nudism and intercourse. It’s throughout the satellite dish network channel list. Tune straight into any one and also you understand what we’re referring to. But this really is something which alarms mothers and fathers. No mother or father will need their kid to develop up having a psyche that can help them to fantasize on harmful subjects. Due to Dish Community that oldsters can now maintain their younger types absent from these harmful influences.

A kid’s psyche is precariously impacted by applications that have to do with violence. It might result in intense conduct as well as chemical imbalance within the head later on within their life. A research noted from the American Psychological Affiliation stated that this kind of anomalous conduct may be noticed in each sexes no matter age. It would also hamper the mental capability which will impact their social conduct and academic development.

One might even discover the report shocking that mass media violence is really a possible trigger of unusual conduct in kids. Television may also be considered a catalyst in forming a kid’s worth method. The way in which he reacts with family members, buddies and oldsters is in lots of way trained by Television.

But what’s much more harmful isn’t just hatred or medication. Occasionally children might view a violent act and find out the individual heading scot totally free. It leaves an in-depth influence around the kid’s thoughts. He grows a fascination in the direction of the evil. It’s right here that a mom’s or dad’s discretion arrives in. Mothers and fathers can restrict their children to look at merely a number of satellite Television channels. Dish Community broadcasts exhibits on some channels which are produced for youths only watch from dish network channel list.

But this isn’t the sole way by which oldsters can manage their kid’s Television viewing routines. They are able to lock channels to ensure that a baby is not able to see channels that his mothers and fathers don’t agree to. This lock method is password guarded. Mothers and fathers can limit the viewing around the foundation of content material or score of applications. Dish Networks securing method operates in connections with V-chip technologies.

Dish Community enables mothers and fathers to fasten channels. But this isn’t the sole method to maintain them absent from harmful content material. Apart from Television, issues that trigger damage are video clip video games, songs movies and warring toons. They should bear in mind of the also. Checking the press does assist in a method to maintain kids secure. But this isn’t usually. It’s essential for folks to sit down their kids down and talk about the things they have just viewed. It then assists in eradicating confusion. Children realize that the things they see on Television isn’t what must be implied within their life.

Avail With The Dish Network Welcome Package Today

Dish Network welcome package provides numerous permutations and mixtures of channels to viewers. They’ve their advantages and disadvantages. Individuals who adore watching Television will discover these packages precisely what they want. Nevertheless, around the unfavorable side, these with slightly various preferences regarding channels can discover themselves becoming set back by as a lot as $90 monthly. This short article discusses at length the benefits and drawbacks of numerous Dish Network bundles and how you are able to select the very best package.

With regards to Television entertainment, not one other provider may come close to the Dish Network. This US primarily based business is now providing its solutions in each a part of the nation. It provides a few of the very best programming packages for the viewers which no can some other service provider with this platform can provide. Each programming deals are very inexpensive.

Dish Network provides lots of programming options to its audiences and this occasionally tends to make individuals extremely confused. Due to this confusion they’re unable to create the right option. So listed here are particular recommendations that you could adhere to whilst selecting the very best programming package for you personally and for the family members.

The very first point that you simply have to know is concerning the numerous programming bundles of dish system. So right here is really a fast evaluation from the numerous entertainment station packages from the second biggest satellite Television provider within the United states of america.


Now will come the genuine problem – price. Are you able to afford to see your preferred channels? In the event you like channels for family members viewing, then your 40 channel programs, at $20, is extremely inexpensive. Nevertheless, the expenses can go as much as nearly $90, based on the Dish Network deals you choose and also the extra solutions you go for, like recording and reside broadcast rewinding.

A few of your preferred applications might be accessible via only the spend per view applications, in that case it doesn’t seem sensible to go for any package. A few of the films you may happen to be searching forward to may be pay-per-view.

Fraud Distributors

The one factor you have to guard against whenever ordering satellite Television is fraud. Many people are influenced by claims of discount rates and totally free channels. Usually appear for hidden expenses, upkeep charge, as well as other charges when impressive a deal. Register only with marketers that you could trust, and these registered using the business.

Lastly, keep in mind to strategy your Television viewing to reduce expenses. Create a list of channels you would like, and after that undergo the on-line brochures to discover that Dish Network welcome package would be the very best for you personally. A bit cautious believed might help you save cash.


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